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I'll B The 1 2 Luv U

Enuff Z'nuff

Is there something in the air
That says that you'll be here tonight?
So I change some things around,
Put dimmer bulbs in the lights.
I've rented two new videos,
I've got some candy for your nose.
And baby all you've gotta do
Is still be holding me
When morning comes.
(All you've gotta do)
(All you've gotta do)
Nothing's gotta change
And you don't have to make promises.
I'll be the one to love you.

There is nothing that makes me feel
The way I feel when you leave.
'Cause I don't know where you go,
I don't know what to believe.
So I'll just keep my arms around you girl,
and I'll protect you from the world.

Repeat Chorus.

The one to bring you up,
The one to bring you down.
The one that's got enough
To keep you hanging 'round.
I'll be the one to start the show.

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