I want and I crave what I love,
I need a little message from above,
Could be a little easier now,
I know we're gonna make it somehow.
And not before it all comes tumbling down,
You feel it coming closer to your town.
Wheels are turning 'round and around,
And that can be a frightening sound.
You know we've gotta have love,
Be caring.
Stop fighting,
Start sharing,
And carry the message of love.

It's so wonderfully good to see you,
Also perfectly understood
You'd be a soldier of life,
And learn to use a song like a knife,
And if it comes calling don't be scared,
It's only change of soul,
You're still aware.
You're rolling down a beautiful stream.
I wish that you could see what I mean.

Repeat Chorus.

Help one another.
Your sister, your brother,
And carry the message of love.

Of love,
Carry the message of love.

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