If I hurt you that bad,
If I made you that sad,
Then there's nothing left to say.
I would bury my head,
Say I wish I was dead
And go along my way.
The devastating feeling
Sinks in deeper everyday.
I would do anything
To be under your wing
and know everything's okay, and

I won't try to justify
The things I can't deny.
I can't change where I've been.
I only can begin
To try and prove to you
That we could make it still,
But if time don't heal your heart
It's all downhill.

Always filling my cup,
Always messing things up,
'Til it's all so tired out.
Things are falling apart,
There's a hole in my heart
And it's bigger than my mouth.
I thank the lord for all I have,
but that's just mostly doubt.
It's lonely at the top
Of the bottom of the well
Where no one can hear you shouting.

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