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New Kind Of Motion

Enuff Z'nuff

She's got a new kind of motion.
She's got a new kind of motion.
Everybody come alive now.
Waiting for her to arrive now.
Hit the stage and she's rocking the ages.
She's a rave and it's turning some pages.

Love won't find her anymore
As her heart spreads through an open door.

Repeat Chorus.

$20 million dollar style now.
$20 million dollar smile now.
She's a new thing that's driving them crazy.
Boy she grew like a rose in the daisies.

Hearts can't take this little girl
Like a star creates a little world.

Repeat Chorus Twice.

Will her adoration grow now?
Will the good sensation flow now?
Watch her move and you feel the vibration.
In the groove, it's a big invitation.
Sunshine turned 16 today,
Make her fall asleep and dream away.

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