Runaway Betty's got a problem,
And she don't know where to turn.
She's got this big ambition,
But she doesn't seem to learn.
She needs some love and affection,
She just changes her direction.
She's always had it easy
But she never thought it was.
The boy that she's been pleasin'
Prays that he's the only one.
So she'll walk the streets of Miami,
Just to keep her kid and candy.
Gotta runaway,
But don't know where to go,
Says she'll run away,
That's all been a show,
Gotta Runaway, Does a Runaway.
Runaway, hey!

She talks of being happy
As the tears roll down her face.
She swears that she'll be laughing
When she finds a better place.
'Til then it's paper roses,
As her bank account, she closes.

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