I hold my balance
Through Death and Cosmos
Soil and rusty nails in one hand
Moon rays on the other
Nose up to the sky
Feet sinking in this swamp
Half way to both direction

I am the broken scale
I am where wind blows
Heavy but weightless
Silent as a blaring sudden storm
Hidden from your sight
Hidden from all your smiles

I am the headless horse
Running straight to the cliff
Clouds may slow down the fall
Stardust rain will heal my open wounds
And I'll keep going
'Till that black whole
Will suck me away
Squeezing bones and entrails
To a flat dimension
Where here is there
And fear has not that face anymore

I am the black coat
Where stars hide in
I protect each of them
One by one
They keep shining to live
I let them burning to live
To my slow death I aim to

Gold rain
Particles of infinite
Fuse my blood into a timeless space
My new lymph is blinking

Cast into stones
Pulsing through old centenary veins
Drawing spirals and eating spirals
Spirals eating spirals

Stardust rain
Clean up my tears
Force me to rest
Burn to purify
Burn to reshape
Through ashes
Through smoke
I'll be again.

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