Don't waste all seven sins on me
You know I'd die to kill for you
Forever raining warm anxiety
Wearing me thin, I will give in, eventually

Save all your old connections
To all you first impressions

Baby you kill me every night, kill me every night
While I save you from the truth
Bending every promise I've been dying to break for you
As the world is burning down to you
I do this for you

Forget your hopes and dreams tonight
And pull your curtains down real tight
The setting sunlight runs right through the dust
Pain in the air, burning a glare, shadows of trust

Eventually you'll get what you want
Everything you asked for, every single thought
That I've been holding back since the very first time we kissed
I'll have chances few, left to hold you close
If I don't surrender baby let me go
I hope I ain't too stubborn to give you anything to miss

Nothing to Miss
Nothing to Miss
Don't let your lonely heart, fall to the stars

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