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All That I Wanted

Evan And Jaron

Do I miss you, not that much
I stopped doing that a couple of months ago
And I was feeling so much better
I'm not sure now why you called
I didn't think we'd speak this soon, if at all again
Since you left me in a letter

Now I hear your voice
And it goes on and on, on and on

You may have questions now
But I believe that you were wrong
All that I wanted was you
You never questioned then
That leaving me would be the end
All that I wanted was you

I used to think we had some room to run
But that was long before you ran away with someone else
Like my feelings didn't matter
Now I'm stuck, as if you couldn't tell
Between what I want and a past I know too well
And I'm inclined to choose the latter

You can't even tell me why
Without walking in a lie
What do you want me to do?
Give it all another try?
Cross your fingers 'til you die
I've already played the fool for you

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