Melt the glaciers inside my veins
Thaw my eyes, crack the glaze
Trapped under ice at a fathomless depth
But I know I exist I can see my breath

Come up to the surface, the ice age has past
Hallelujah it is over at last
A new day will follow a nuclear blast
Hallelujah it is over at last

Crossed the great divide to sleep
Where most would die

I'm on the lam for a fire theft
I wasn't here, we never met

Our shadows spread forever
But they don't weigh anything

Shake it off
I can't ever go back but I will take it when I leave
Shake it off
I'll be waiting with a suitcase
When the devil comes for me
Shake it off
One if by land, two if by sea

Life isn't ours, we are property of life
Take what you can when you can while you can
Stare at the sun. Look directly into the sun
It's over at last

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