Help. It has gone black
The sky is black
Earth is frozen and black
The moon is black

Snow is black
Her eyes, when open, are black
Light is black. Leads are black
The wires that run from them or black

Stars are black. Time is black
But the thought of death is soft and clean
And beautiful and white

It's the purest of the drugs
'Cause it's everything at once
What if meaning never comes
And I was just someone to fuck?
All of life, beginners luck?

What becomes of all creation
If the smallest prayer is firmly answered no?
The greatest of the floods
There's a vacuum where the brightest future was

I'd better warm up my gun in case love is not enough
What haven't I done? What have I done?
What haven't I done to deserve a cold war on all sides?
It's so bleak all the time

Stay with me. You're alone in the center of hell
Just be
The longest winter I have ever seen
From hospital to hospital. Repeat

First I need to save the life of God
So that God can come and save me from myself

If I have to walk alone I'm giving up
I can't stay here knowing love is not enough

Untimely ripped into this world
I was born again as a girl

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