Hell Marches To War
Hell marches to war...

We are soldiers from hell
destroying human lives
for chaos we strike
We are the breed of evil
no boundaries will stop us
hell has unleashed a war...

Hell marches to war...

the funeral rite begins
death is the only way out
endless war towards life
never ending journey
the black flames of hatred
will always guide our march
crushing the human pest
leaving nothing alive...

demonic beasts of prey
marching the battlefield
untill the end we'll fight
darkness invades the sky
nothing can stop us now
as hell burns down your world

Hell marches to war...

murderers of darkest times
is what we'll be untill death.
kneeling down to no one
allegience to no god
across the rivers of blood
our legion will stand tall.
cleansing this world of scum
humans will turn to dust.....

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