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I Believe


"hah! you know some people just don't know
What I'm talkind about, but I know you undersatand
Cause I know you believe"

Baby I believe that you were meant for me
And if there's somebody
Then baby I believe
That somebody is you
And everthing you do
'Cause baby I believe in you... I believe in you

I walk home alone
With another telephone
All my girlfriends say: "Give it up, baby give it up!"
I know that you can see
This i8s how it's meant to be
You're my frequency, 'cause baby I believe


No they don't understand
Dreaming'up the masterplan
I know that you can give it up, baby give it up
And it's a simple rule
You don't wanna play it cool
Leave me like a fool
'Cause I bekieve in you


"One love it´s a prophecy
I believe that all came in the past
When you came to me
Set me free
Sure it's one and one it's two
Yeah, I believe in you
That's what I do... 'cause I believe in you"
...And it seems so real
I was dreaming did you come to me
Hold me closer for eternety... I believe


"Iwalk to the world
And I see it all
I never look down
In case of the ball I'm off the wall
And I still believe yeah"


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