Pillar of the community
Leader in the house of the lord
Wichita giver of the eucharist
While trolling for another reward
Factor "x" is underway
The time for killing is ripe
In the shadow of kohoutek
A family lies bathed in blood
They were the prototype

Sadist and evangelist
Perfect plan of deviant bliss
Rapist and antagonist
Sunken deep in his bloody abyss
Haunting all and taunting men
Never knowing when he'll strike again
Psychotic hunter in orgasmic desire
Tighten the cord, watch the life expire
Wilt to be mine?
Thou shalt not scream nor yet free the line
Think of me and how it's going to be when
I prey

Husband, father, killer, beast
Monster, cruciatus rex
Lusus naturae
Death synonymous with sex
Acronym for terror
The devil would be waking free
Done in by a computer disc
Demon banished by technology

Universe, God, cosmos
Elements, woman, man
Sex, psycho
Serial killer, victim

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