I thought you were something different but you're all the same. Fake from the inside out. You'll never hold me down. I'm on my own. How could of I have known that this was all falling away right in front of my face. I don't know how I could say this. So this I hope doesn't hurt at all. If you could only imagine. That my heart will re-frame from this. I'm on my own. When this is all over my heart will be at ease. All these years by your side. I never gave up on you not even once. I'm sick of everything reminding me of you. I hate what you've become. I hope for the best on this journey you call life. You seek for forgiveness but only found fear. Hiding in the shadows where the weak shead their tears. The choices that you make could be your greatest fears. No matter what I say or do it will never get through. I was caught off guard of what my weak heart caused. Like the tides I'm pushed and pulled away. Like the tides you push and pull away. But I have one thing left to say. I won't be cheated. My love won't be taken for granted I'll show you heart. I won't be kept away. I am the meaning of fear. I'll put you in your place. You're a whore. You're a fake. You're nothing more. You won't remember my fucking face.

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