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Black Friday

Faith No More

This is only a test
1, 2, What you gonna do?
3, 4, 5, Twistin' your arm and your eye
You will buy
You will buy
Step right up, donate a memory
To the bank of love, that could loan you your daydreams

Buy it!
Black friday's come 'n gone
Buy me a future regret
A shrink wrapped fantasy, that I'll wanna forget
In the age of the mercenary
In the nursing home where river swallows the sea
That's where we'll be, with guns

Buy it!
Buy it!
Into the age of scrutiny
And the grandest frappe'
Well I ain't gonna pay
Trimming the tree, I can hang, I won't swing
It's only a test
Buy it!
Buy it!

I'll pry my seat
From the children's graves
Hear the angels sing
All the zombies walk on black friday
It's a riot at the salad bar
Predatory lenders
Safari mission is far but you paid for them
To kill your mom

Buy it!
Buy it!
Kill 'em now!
This is only a test

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