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Sometimes I find my eyes themselves
Deep dark In the mirror
and It Is so strnage because
behind of my eyes
It Is how if there was another glance
living in my soul

And I stop for a second and face this
Looking for smething there
and In the bottom of my soum
And then I simply and certaly realize:
I know who is there

I Feel your presence in me
I see your face in my face
I see your smile in my smile
I feel your sadness (in my heart)

It's hard to accept
That We had not much time
I was so immature
I did not know what was coming,
what was coming

So I stop for an intant
a million thoughts in my head
and I keep on looking for
The Connectionbetween our souls
and I Know that onde day
I will be going to find you
I'll be going to know you !

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