Invisible hand
Strike hunger and fear
Give power through divine intervention

Merciful, merciful god
Honor thy covenant, suffer the repercussion

Serpent entwine
Entwine the dark influence
Covet the souls of man

Covert control, (structure)
Structure all human existence (wrath of god)

Power will be to god
Give me the strength of the gods

Destruction of nations sovereignty
Shackling of the mind
Daily medication regulates the social trend

A docile people prison sworn

Ascend to the stature of god
Control the all seeing eye
My face, structured into the thoughts of men

A docile people prison sworn
And to this prison they are condemned

Invisible hand
Portrayal of god and the serpents wager
An influence to the souls of man

And to the limitless power of god i ascend
And shall the demon stay coveting the souls of man

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