Lets Play A Love Scene

Fame Musical

Serena, I wanna try a new sceneYou were the honest friend
I was the great pretender
I hid my feelings till the end
Now I wanna say what it means to me
How I could never be the same without youYou'll probably go off to Brooklyn college
And meet some guy and forget all about meYou'll probably go off to New Haven
And meet some guy and forget all about meVery funny……The way I know I really feel about you
The way I know I'll always feel about you
Why can't we, why can't we, why can't we try….To play a love scene
We don't need the violins to play a love scene
Where we see how love begins
Find a way to start
And learn to play the part
Of a perfect scene from a play unknownLets play a, lets play a, lets play a love scene
Of our own…..

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