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Not sick
Im so well
I am the son you want

Not week
Im so strong
I am the leader you want

Not cheap
Im reliable
I am the gun you want

I wont split
When things get tough
I am the friend that you want

But it's so if we try
You'll never know
Till right before you die

Im rich
Im not poor
I am the dad you want

I'll act cool
In front of all your friends
I'll bring the drama you want

I read this small book that
Gave away the end before the end
But I still read it
Because I kinda like how it's so bad

It's true it's a lie
But you'll never know
Till right before you die

I felt a tear
Drunk, but it was
Just my time
When you're in jail
And you
Just the one
Think of you

How fucked up is that?

How did Kansas become a city
It's a red state
It's a blue state
It's a muse state

I've seen creeps bigger than you
Stop stepping on my mat that goes
Ding dong, ding dong
When you walk in my store

Yeah, I hate the freak show
It's so bizzare
Everyone will eat ya
Charlie bit me
And you know that he'd kill a body

But I always think of you
When Im scared and Im alone


And Im so fucking high
This is how I'll feel
Right before I die

Go ahead
Kill yourself
Go ahead
Blow your brains out

If you're going somewhere else
I heard you guys being drawn, hey
But I need a new chalk mate

But it isn't looking good
For the boys in the hood

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