Would you care to explain that look on your face
I'm totally confused, don't know how to respond.
No, please don't start,
Don't start the deep talks now,
Tell me what's going on with you,
And speak straight from your heart.
You know we've been walking in this shadow
Going round in circles.
It's not necessarily wrong
But I know I want out

I want out, I need out, let me out,
So I can fall in love,
Fall in love with you again.

So let's say that tonight
We start how we began,
Back our first touching hands,
To the day we chose to never part.

Our life is not over, not yet
That means means we have time to feel better
Feel better now, get better now,
Gets better some how,
Not later now,
And we can love again.

Anywhere with you is home.
And we've made it a good one.
So let's leave it behind,
All our troubles to the past.
And move on with our lives,
Together for whats next.

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