Foto do artista Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas

Why Couldn't I Say The Last Goodbye To You?

Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas

Why!..! Jouldn't I! just say goodbye!
Get out! Don't know!
Why you keep following me!
Lying alone!
I don't know what I'm gonna do!
Don't know! Get out!
Don't let her go with me!... Ahh!

When the kid dies alone and disappear
You all run away now
You're... All alone!
Don't know! You can maybe wrong!
I don't love you anymore!
Let's break up!

Why didn't they, what I know
I'll be falling for you
I got you, you brought me tears
I want to see you again... Let me say sorry to you

Chorus. Borry... but sad I am to be...
Let me... Set me say... sorry!
Why did they run!
Away from me!
Running away from being ignored!

Go... And die!
Go and die!
Go and die!
You and me die!
Scold me... Call me sad I am to be
Let me... Set me say... sorry

Why can't I say goodbye to you!
I want to say goodbye in time!
Why... Can't we meet again...
Nevermind I got no love you anymore
See you later!
I will leave so... Far from you
I won't say goodbye...!
I won't say goodnight...!
I wish you a goodbye...!
I can't say goodbye... To you

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