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Black Eye

Feel Like

So now i got a black eye
Even though i never got smacked
But if i get a retry
Then i will try to give back
Your were the one who got jacked
And i hope you will forgive me
For whenever i capsize

I know that you can see it in my eyes
I'm not myself right now
My biggest problem is to compromise
But i'm sure i would know how
I show my tragedy with my black eye

I've been the one to deny
Everything that you do
I said it's all a big lie
Always questioning you
Even though you've been true
And i know that i've been nothing more
Than just a jealous guy

But everybody's talking about you
All the time about things you do
And that's the only time i do realize
That i do love being close to you
And everybody's laughing with you
Guess taht's the thing that i just can't stand
I'm selfish more than i am a man

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