We were standing in the parking lot
Making wishes on the stars.
The radio was shouting numbers.
Feel the eyes beneath the stars.

The doctors almost let her sacrifice
Her hopes of yellow, blue and red.
They'd given up 'til they'd remembered
The colors in her head.
"the rapid eye is never dead!"

So come on now! illuminate with me!

They opened up her eyes to see
With alien technology.
They opened up her eyes to see
A green, green sun setting on a bright red hill
"focus on your dreams,
And everything will seem so real."

When they sifted through the hovercraft
They found the pieces that she'd need.
And through the figures and schematics,
They figured out how they had seen:
"they did it in their sleep!"

So come on now! communicate with me!

I was standing in the parking lot.
Point the receiver at the stars.

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