Foto do artista Fireworks

Don't Blame The Ocean Floor


Honesty, is better than putting you to sleep.
No one ever told me how many nights it would take to make it right.
You're on your own now.
And I hate the way you makes things complicated.

No matter where you are
I will be the one that
Catches you when you fall.
You wanted me to stay
But you're the one
Who went away
And I'm already gone.

It's the same day I left you,
The scenery is now a wreckage.
And all I remember is how to follow.
If we all settle down,
Just for a minute and think.
Maybe we're just giving ourselves out
'To broken hearts, city stars,
Starts and stops, over and over agains.'

Till I feel my heart in tact.
Beats and rests and this is only a test,
For You.

To realize how far we've been.
No one could tear us apart way back when.

20 more years till I feel my heart in tact.
20 more years till I feel my heart attack.

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