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You could be the devil in my bed
You could be the angel in my head
You could be the voices that I hear
I'm singing along because it sounds
just like you're near

Chorus: 'Cause you're so beautiful
Beautiful today
You're so beautiful
Beautiful in every little way
Cause when you're coming around
I'm off of the ground
I've gotta say, you're so beautiful
You're beautiful today

I could be the drug you can't resist
I could be the antidote you missed
I could be the love you hate to fear
You're filling the hole inside your heart
with feeling near to me
Chorus twice

Can we make it through
Together we've got to fly
Don't you know I got to fly
'Cause when you're coming around I got to fly
Don't you know I want to fly
And I know
And I feel
That I could learn to hate just like you
And I know
And I feel
That you could learn to love just like me
(repeat above 6 lines)
(repeat chorus w/ above 3 lines in background)

Can we make it through together
I got to fly

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