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Hey, Mom and Dad, you have done so well
Why look so sad?
Been so long since my walls fell
I can't explain all the thought I've had
I'm alright now, can't you tell?
I embody violence
I see nothing but a sack of fluid and I embody hatred
Why tell me all the things you would if you only could
You, a game of dumb luck
What could ever make you think I give a fuck?
Hey, Mom and Dad, how you've shown the way, God I get so mad
I don't know why, I'm just that way
Can't explain the thoughts I've had
I'm alright now
Far away, did you see?
Did you know what it's like down below
Down in the grass
You lie and wait
Wait like an animal to escape
Did you see it did you know it is an animal sign?
The divinity within it is the pack and it is mine
Can you see with eyes wide open?
I don't care how much it hurts

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