Virginity, Divinity Is Choking My Affinity To Laughout Loud.
Virtually Integrity I Take Myself So Seriously,
A Bathis What I Need.
Apathy, Usually Strangles My Ability To Cry.
Do You Know Why?
ignorantly Courageously, Ignoring Lack Of Chemistry To Tryto Live Again.
Why Does It Seemthis Is A Dreamwho Do I Fightcause If Im Wrong The Song Wont Come Out Rightso Evillythe Enemytempts Me With Civility Not Fairwhat A Dirty Trick.
Teases Me Pleases Me Heterosexuality Is Where I Lose Myself.
Magically Tragically It's Only Heart Felt Honesty For Me But Im Trying To Lie.
Gracefully Tastefully, Pursuing Acts Of Tragedy You See I'm Not That Great.
If Im Wrong The Sun Comes Out At Night.

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