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Things Are As They Are

Flying Postmen

Hi, would you smile, don't get shy
I don't have any bad intentions
Why do you sigh on the sly ?
I find you've got a nice complexion
Don't turn away I won't hurt at all
Where are the feelings you failed to recall
Don't persuade me into being a clown
'Cos I'm not gonna change anyway, anyhow

Hi one more time, here am I
I see you've got ill expectations
I don't know why I can't hide
I feel for you a deep affection
Ain't got a way to escape from my love
You'll be the one I will be thinking of
You don't have to say anything to me now
'Cos I'm not gonna change anyway, anyhow

I'm sick and tired of fighting
Let's find a way out
Can you stop denying
Things are as they are, ah, ah, ah

Time's slipping by day and night
I'll always love to distraction
I'll hold you tight if you'd try
To bury your dissatisfaction
Things will go well if you open your eyes
To notice me and just to realise
I'm neither a stranger nor even a clown
And I will never change anyway, anyhow

You're sick and tired of crying
Let's find a way out
Can you stop denying
Things are as they are, ah, ah, ah

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