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Lunar Wave

Fold Zandura

Yesterday I remember
scenes from a childhood tender
second world, rising sunk
beyond from a hundred rune Decembers
from the noise of the crowded streets
down to the soles of the wandering feet
I drank the blue skies filled with telephone lines
in a thousand colors since

From the woods upon Mermaid Hill
my brave brother, I remember you still
enchanted woods there we stood
I felt you could, watching rivers spill
then the summers rolled faster
until to the world came a baby sister
eyes of wonder, how I loved her
she could count the stars with her tiny fingers

To the trains and the planes that have brought me here
to the tides and seasons
fortunes, reasons
to innocence lost and continents crossed
to the courage of a mother and father
who stayed together and shaped my life forever
you're with me always
and will be always

We charted the sky with both hands
that's where we began
we charted the sky with both hands
and the sky never ends

My soul rode the lunar wave
speak low and the distance trembles
your motion love will hold me close
like souls, like words, pure and clear

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