Leaving it up to me
Dropped your number somewhere
Didn't call I know you're never there
Didn't try because I don't care
Now I'm happy like the sun can shine
I've improved my personality
You were a friend but you were never mine
Now I know you never trusted me

Patterns in my wasted time
Scattered am I, that's allright
You're leaving it up to me
Leaving it up to me

Ain't it funny, no it's not at all
Watch another brother fall
Watch another friend leave
Tell me what the fuck is wrong with me

Patterns in my wasted mind

Leaving it up to me
Left me with an empty heart
Try again but don't know where to start
The ice broke but we floated apart

Patterns in my scattered mind
Wasted am I, all the time
Leaving it up to me

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Composição: Folk Implosion / Louise Barlow · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
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