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Tonya Mitchell

Ford Willa

Oh Oh Yeaaaah

No more lonely nights
Baby thats just wut u told me(thats what ya said)
But you nowhere to be found
Something just ain't right
Cuz I can't get you to hold me(here in my arms)
Even when you're around

Baby,You promised me,that you would always be there for me
Tell me,Tell me,whats on ur mind?

What happened to the "I Luv You's"?
The hugs and kisses and the rondevous
What happened to me and you?
You said you would never change
What happened baby talk to me
YOu used to be sugar sweet just like candy
Now you're breaking my heart
With all your broken promises

Open up your eyes,
Baby thats what people tell me (thats wut they say)
But its hard to let you go.
I can't take ur lies,
If you're spendin' time with somebody else,
then ya gotta let me know


Now you say you are going to do this,
and you say you're gonna do that
But you never come through.
Somethings different lately
cuz you don't call me baby
I just don't know what to do

Broken promises,thats what you're giving me(x3)


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