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Hey, Can I talk to you for a minute?
You see... It's not you
It's just...well...I've been in love before
And I've had my heart broken
I can't go through that again...you know?

If I let you in my world
Completely, would you let me down and break my heart?
Cause sometimes love can come and go
And I don't want to cry no more
So tell me boy...

If I showed you how you control my mind
Would you hold it against me and take advantage of me?
And If I showed you how from within my soul
Don't take advantage of me cuz' my heart is tender

So tell me how are you feeling now
Just let me know
Will you stick around? (come on)
We're in too deep to turn away
From what's meant to be
Let's let our love shine
Just be careful with my heart, no

Ooh, Ooh
Boy you got me (boy you got me)
So baby care for me (so be careful)
Tender that's me (tender that's me)
For you only (for you only)
But dreams don't hurt me
Baby, give me love

CHORUS 3 X (till fade)

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