Foto do artista Frank Iero

Where Do We Belong? Anywhere But Here

Frank Iero

Someone I love threw me away
But I don't mind at all
Something's change but they don't get better
I'm so sick and so tired of trying to tell them

That I'll never do it, no I'll never make it alone

But pay no mind
It fades in time
Don't we all?
You said people can change when they lose their hearts

It could be gone forever
But sometimes they find it in hell or a part of heaven

So is this hell or are we even?
Well I've got time to burn
Why do we run away from ourselves?
Faking this calm, has taken it's toll
To look in those eyes
But I'm having fun pretending I belong
Convincing myself that I never got scarred

So no one thinks
So no one knows that
Someone I love threw me away
Someone I love ripped through me
But I dont mind
I'll be fine
I don't mind
We'll get by some how

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