We got these friends
Who like to go travelling
Without ever leavin' their seats
Its all in their mind
Its always unravellin'
Scope the sky their leavin' in fleets

Well you may come
And you may go
As long as there's a gleam in your eye
You may weep
And you may laugh
A catalogue of squeezes for themlas and louises

We can't get enough of that road thang
Tout le monde come jump on our ride
We can't get enough of that road thang
We love under acheiveing, and being is beleiveing

The bus leaves at noon
With foxes at candleheads
Everybody's taking their space
And we got some tunes
?From blotters and cool egg heads?
The drivers got his own can of mace

You may ride
And you may stay
As long as you got something for me
You may sit
Or stand outside
Well theres an open window
You don't have to jump out tho

Some times
You just got to take a ride
Road thang
Would you like to come inside
One day
You gonna run away and leave it all behind
Road thang
Why don't you get on board and leave yo mind behind?

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