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Challenge Me

Frijid Pink

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Mr. met, c-rayz, breeze evaflowin', forever knowing
Word up
Yo let that beat drop, you know wha i mean
I want to hear that shit, to make my head rock
Yea, i like it
Check it out
Yo, yea, mr. met.
Check it out

Challenge me (uh-ha)
I'll split you like a personality (uh-ha)
??? ocean and all off the balcony
Take a bite outta me
You wanna battle me, badly?
Son, you're sadly mistaken i'm taking your heart for charity
Make you a memory, forever remember the melody (uh-ha)
Mystically, magically, cast you a spell, put you in agony
Half of me's energy, half of me's chemically imbalance-y
Challenge the majority (what), mudthafuck autourity
Spit like there was four of me
Metaphorical imagery wintery wonderland, visually, vividly
Son, i'm living the life, stripping the light out of the galaxy
Brooklyn academy
Climbing around the walls of insanity

Yo, i stomp beat like the feet of extinct reptiles
I drink,
Shit outta red vials, til shit get filed
Set style into motion, like the mic mechanism
Mic check the rhythm,
Furious five, live
Got re-incarnated on a different timeline
S, t, r the o, you know the rest
We're?? the best happy seeing cops with exploded vests (blaow)
I'm so depressed, i write rhymes to go to rest
Sold the best shit, this side of a death kiss
Restless, spit aggressive like "fuck y'all" (y'all)
Expose y'all for bitches, now the bitches will fuck y'all (y'all)
Wassup y'all, i spit, now you're giving shit up?
All the talking
Now you're like, walking on lava
There's the mic with your father, i'm alike to your father
I write, tip the barber blade, snip a clip
Transform the metal ??plic??, start super-baffalling hippocrites
Six shots short of a single clip
Bust off your wing with this
Your dj swing on my single dick
Rock it like you fucking back me up on the road
But let static reload, ??and he too, tragically goes??
And your label wont help you neither
I'm a believer in internet fever
That got 'em falling to the queen of shiva
This shit is wet
And you ain't no water breather
You better leave this shit to breezer
Take a breather.

I'm one of tha illest things you can think of
Like sisqo slapping mike tyson with a pink glove
I know you fucked up, ya'll should've dropped acapella's
Cause you smoke crack, that dont make you down with roc-a-fella
You're a bastard, aborted from the mothership
Like a greedy fly, you always on some other shit
These ain't battles (wha), these are lyrical punishments
I'm their pop's man, look at what i done to the kids
I feel bad, its because i immediately spit
Your moms went out to buy tissue, never came back
I knew she was full of shit
You wack, and the fact, you and i know both, that the best rhymes of your life, will be your suicide note
Thats a joke
I did an instore
Took your girl to my house and did an inwhore, told her i was an ewok
From the planet endor
You laugh
Fuck rap
Play an accordian y'all
You couldn't rock the crowd if you threw stones at the audience ??before??
With one score, y'all found out we too raw
I've seen so much bitch in you, i though you were ???shoe stores???
I smack crews, for sounding wacker that shaq fu
Until redman comes through, and screams "that's you!"
No, you'd better say is "i'll be wack"
I'll react like hammers jus tapped ma kneecaps.

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