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Hot Cock Annie


Tropicola (?) with the boys, men
Animals just can't cut it no more
Tan, everyone's tan
Everyone's good
Lying on the beach, they knew they would
Feel so good in Japan

Being oiled down by furry young men, beautiful time
I can't remember when I've been so hard

Oh, how ya doing sailor, just got into port?
Do you know where I can get my rocks off?
No I don't, do you know where I can find a fresh pair of socks?
I thought you were gonna ask me about
Hot cock

Hot cock Annnie, here she comes
Nobody cares about her, she's the one with
The cock and the vagina combined
Get her from behind
Hot cock Annie

Here comes big fat George
Look at that butt, look at him gorge away
All the boys play with his butt
Rammin' him up and down
This is a crazy faggy town we live in
It doesn't matter to me
I've changed my ways
People say I'm gay

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