A shadow lays silent upon us
As we march through the frozen plains
The north wind blows in our faces
Torture and pain we brought with us
Waiting for the last command
The day of our wrath has come
We held up our banner high
The sword in the hand - doomed to die

Now the time has come
The everlasting battle has begun
Steel clashs on steel
Blood runs over the snow
Hooves rumbling over the ground
Like thunder in the blackening sky
Warriors lying bleeding in the snow
Their wounds will be never healing

I ride on my apocaylptic horse
From my sword runs the blood
We've haunts the christian bunch
With evil grimness in our faces
Eternal fire burns in our black hearts
The blizzard of doom swept them all away
With a cruel possession i shove
The spear of destiny in gods heart

Blood runs out of hundred wounds
I am sinking in the cold snow
And awaiting wistful the frozen death
I wandering through the dark portal
I leave the battlefield far behind
And the plains of frozen snow
In the clutch of the death i wither away
My fathers revenge will come

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