Foto do artista Funeral Procession

When Moonshine Is The Only Light

Funeral Procession

When Moonshine is the only Light
And Angels Fall From Heavens High
Crimson Clad is the ground of earth
Embrace of Lunar Holocaust

By The Night
Spells Are Cast From The Moon

The Wolf is howling at the moon
For he sings darkest litany
The blood still warm on his muzzle
As his kin devour the sun

The last mourns silence, fade away
Lord Frost takes Eden to her subzero days...

By The Night
Spells Are Cast From The Moon
Wolfish Souls enflame my heart

On the sea spellcast ghosts are dancing
Dance The Death of Mortal Souls

As Lunar Rays Reflect on the Surface
Of Waters Where Angels Once were drown

Welcome The Dark Aeon

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