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The Swansong Of My Heart


The fragrant rose sweet scented no more
Life, answer my yearning
Please grasp my life, beautiful one
And I'll be yours forever

Like weeping, the heart is mute
Sorrowfilled, and dead
The red pain in my swan-song
Made it harder than life

Do not close your eyes for me
I see the serpent lurk

Heart and soul is ripe to harvest
Please lead it to the hidden land

Lift my veil, bring forth the sinking sun
I composed my swansong
Come dusk and night and make my days pass
Don't make me wait for long

All nights are black and stars still
Sing their gloomy tune
Emptyness it brings into the song of my heart

O friend you pleased a sunless soul
Unspeakable dear, let me sleep in your arms