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Eulogy And Light


Our father which art on Wall Street
Honored be thy buck thy kingdom came
This be thy year from sea to shining sea

Thou givest me false pride funked down by the riverside
From every head and ass may dollars flow
Give us this pay our daily bread
Forgive us our goofs as we rob from each other

He maketh me to sell dope to small children
For thou art evil and we adore thee
Thy destruction and thy power they comfort me
My Cadillac and my pinky ring
They restoreth me in thee

Yeah, though I walk through the valley
Of the shadow of poverty I must feel their envy
For I am loaded, high and all those other goodies
That go along with the good god big buck

To young whores in muck grows there ahead in time
The unexpected soul-searching beam of the strobe
But now, the stairway looms and as I rise

The cries of kittens, gray, make way
For there, now near
Here now, gone, alone

I feel my wrist, it flicks the switch
No lights reveal the room or me
She sees, then panics, grabs a light

I scream, silent comforts that are not heard
I panic, for I have not said a word
Hysteria hold the room in sway
I run, I back away, to hide

From what? From fear?
The truth, the light?
Is truth the light?