We used to talk of unity
some things dont go as theyre planned
we used to reply on our friendship
but it slipped right through our hands
yeah you know were both to blame
its the truth we cant deny
its easy to point the finger
its easy to listen to what they say
its hard to believe we were once good friends
howd we let ego get in the fucking way
lets break down these frigid walls
only then we will find time to reminisce (2x)
remember the time you told me
you told me to never give up
I made a change I thought would help us both
instead it was a kick in the gut
is it too late to mend these ties?
Ill wipe the jealousy from my eyes!
Its time to reminisce (2x)
is it too late (4x) for sorry
its just another story of two friends split right apart
well I dont know how you feel
but your stuck right in my heart
wheres our strength
wheres our common bond
wheres the unity that kept us strong
its time to reminisce (2x)

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