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Drifting (feat. Chris Brown e Tory Lanez)


Got this flight to London
I ain’t pop no Xans for it
In case you was wondering
I ain’t even plan for it
I just left L. A
Barely caught the plane
Fucking TSA
Swear a nigga ran for it
Ain’t used to this fame shit
This you all know my name-shit
Me, I’m just the same kid
That fucked around and made it
Fucked over my main chick
Damn she was the main chick
Thinking bout the game
I shouldn’t have played
But I played it

And now I’m missing your love
I’ma roll up, I’m faded once again
I don’t know where I am
But I just know I’m drifting far from you
I’m tryna keep my head strong
But my heart won’t
Just let me grow away from you
Don’t you know we’re drifting off, drifting off?
I know you think that it’s my fault we’re falling off
All this hope and disregard, drifting off
I know you think there ain’t no fault, we fall apart
And now I’m missing your love

I blame it on the distance
It’s why I’m fucking on these bitches
These numbers in my phone
A text pops up, she’s like, who is this?
You probably got a mistress
Probably every week it switches
Now is this cause for concern?
And should I be suspicious?
I’m overseas tripping, a million miles away
And she’s still in L. A., my mom’s out in the Bay
And these overseas minutes add up
That’s a lot to pay
I can pay it, yeah I know
But it’s the excuse I say
She’s been tryna track me down
I feel like I’m… And now
Dodging her when she’s the one
I’m out here tripping, acting wild
Start to wonder if I’ve changed
I’m like how could that be now?
Would these bi**hes be here really
If I wasn’t rapping now?
Now tell me now

I’m just so conflicted
It’s been so long since we kicked it
And I can’t lie, I’ve missed it
But somewhere the current shifted
And now I’m somewhere else
Far away, feel like we drifted
Hard to face the facts
I’m drinking to escape, and then get lifted
Get swept under a rug
Get a change, something different for a while
Yeah we grew apart with time
We ain’t kicked it in a while
But I still think about you now
Without you, see this difference is now
Bullshit happens, how could we have known?
Nothing can prepare us
From sleeping at your parents
Now do sold out shows in Paris
To parties at my hotel
Seshing blunts off of my terrace
Tell me, how’d we ever come to live this careless?

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