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My Baby Got Sauce

G. Love And Special Sauce

Cooling out, cooling out
Waiting for my lady got the special sauce that's why she's mybaby
My baby, my baby
And of course I'll do anything for her anything
Any day she wants to show her honey, show her love
Got a sharp mouth a sharp tongue gimme gimme gimme some
Don't take to that gimme gimme none
You got to work desere it earn it to own it
Once you got never ever going to leave it alone don't take wisecracking or
Forgetting never been stood up your...
cuz my baby does the stepping

My baby got sauce
Your baby ain't sweet like mine
She got sauce
Your baby ain't sweet like mine
She got sauce...
She ain't just sweet

Dig it babyThat's some funky lemonade you got going there babe
Is it special for me?
Did you make it today
Cuz I'll always stop by if you like me to
I'll do anything that you could ever want for me to do
A kiss for some of this
A smile and it's done
Miss I'm your mister
My sister's your sister
My mother's your mother father's your father
It all started when I kissed her, I missed her, I did
It was love at first sight, yo, though
Better when it started
I ain't broken hearted but baby
I need some time, some time alone with the crew
To do the stupid things that we used to do
Upon this she slapped me
With a frying pan
Yo, this is love
I'm not gonna leave it

My baby's got sauce
Your baby ain't sweet like mine
(She got sauce)
Your baby ain't sweet like mine
(My baby got sauce)
She ain't that sweet, see...

Baby whatI would do for just one look in my direction,
I gave you all I had although you still hate me,
You don't give me no attention

My baby got sauce and of course as a matter of course
She does what she wants to because she's the boss
Please don't tell my friends about the situation
'Cause, like they think I'm on some extended vacation
'Cause, I don't get out to see my boys anymore
Only time I leave the house is to go to the store for...what shewants what she
Wants what she wants me for
What could she want this time
I'm all hers
No, she ain't even mine, ain't even mine
Believe me what she do at night i cant tell
I could guess it ain't right
She got me waiting comes in late and I'm trying not to raise myvoice
Negotiating it
I'm confident that she'll win the argument
Shouldn't even started it I'm broken hearted I can't be partedy'all
I need a taste
So I count my loss...

Dig......My baby got sauce
Your baby ain't sweet like mine
(She got sauce)
Your baby ain't sweet like mine
(My baby got sauce)
Your baby ain't sweet like miiinnne
She got sauce, she got sauce, she got sauce
Your baby ain't sweet like mine, ain't so sweet like mine, ain'tso sweet like mine
Ain't so sweet like mine
She ain't so sweet

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