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Why does it have to be
Time is never right for me
What i gotta say
Cannot be delayed
Why do i have to go first
Be the one to cause the hurt
Both be holding on
Knowing that it's wrong

You know that this ain't easy
But i know you're waiting for me
To stand in front of you
And do what you couldn't do
Confirm it's over
This is closure
And it's time to face the truth
I'm giving you, i'm giving you your closure
And it's hard for me to say
But i'll say it anyway
This is over
This is closure

How time has come and gone
Together we don't belong
Nothing we can say
Will ever make that chance
I've gone for better or worst
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Somehow we make it work
But there's no happy end
When you can't be friends

It's all over

It's time to let each other go
It's not as if we didn't know
We've been holding on
Because it was safe
But it's time to go our separate ways

I'm giving you, i'm giving you closure

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Composição: Gabrielle / Julian Gallagher. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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