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You'd better stayed at home tonight.
You'd better locked your door and prayed.
You'd better listened to their warnings.
You'd better never crossed my way.

Moonless nights fraught with desaster
are baleful times to prove you're brave.
Darkness bears the unspeakable-
different,dreadful and depraved.

From your blood I got my time.
I drink your horror thoroughly.
I feast on your agony.
From your life I suck my eternity.

The world you've known you're leaving now
to death or to the other side.
So make your choice wheather you will fade
or come with me to rule the night.

Let's walk the universe together.
Take my gift, become immortal.
Drink my blood, be my mate-
don't hesitate to pass the portal.

Darkness will be enlightening us.
Loneliness will be exalting us.
If earthly vanity is bound
the spirit rises, proud, free and vast.

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