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The Princess Of Hollywood Way

Gary Jules

I've been there - believe me
Crimes committed are unintentional
After the party we all went home alone
All the industry boys were still laughing and drinking
When I tumbled out of the place
And up on the wall
The princess of Hollywood way

The wilton house is empty
Autumn came again and everyone scattered
Maybe it's better
If we don't have that last place to go
Well you said that you'd call
When you got your new number
I guess you've gone under again
There's room at the bar
For the princess of Hollywood way

Wine and forgiveness were all that we had
Wine and forgiveness are all that I need

Go to bed, she said, I can't stand you
And that's the only thing that we have in common
If I had a nickel for every bridge that you've burned
You're just a single malt swamp clown preparing for splashdown
The accidents know you by name
Afterall, I'm the princess of Hollywood
Afterall, I'm the princess of Hollywood
Afterall, I'm the princess of Hollywood way

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