I think I fell in love you smile alone like a drunken drug has gone and left me
Lord I’m comin’…
I think I sold my soul to what to who I still don’t know
My world is broken, my world is broken
And all the big mistakes who knows who’s right who cares who’s wrong
Lord I’m comin’… oh lord I’m comin’
I never knew the sound the sound of fear till I hit the ground
And I’m dying… lord I’m dying
The little things in life the way you talk the way you smile
And I miss you… you know I miss you…
I think I fell in love but now the hurt the hurt is gone
And I’m homeless… lord I’m homeless
I don’t know how to feel I don’t know what to say or do
And I’m coming… lord I’m coming…

A whisper in my ear… all the things disappear…
I think I fell in love but now I know I’ve forgotten how
Lord I’m coming… lord I’m coming

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