Foto do artista General Ghost

It's Worth It, I Promise

General Ghost

She said
What if I would go
Would you understand?
Would you stay behind
Or would you take a stand?

I said, I don't wanna go
But I have to leave
Looking down the road
For our family

When I go
And we're half of a whole
Stay with me

And every time we worry
It's worth it, I promise
For every night you miss me
It's worth it, I promise
I know you feel alone
I feel it too, I do
We'll tell our kids about this
It's worth it, I promise

Yesterday you called
Said you'd hold the line
As long as I hang up
On my other life

I said, tell me where I've been
Where our love don't reach
My life is where you are
So you are here with me

Here with me

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