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Kisses In The Moonlight

George Benson

Oh what a night!
And don´t you feel like flying?
Everything´s right
I can´t blame you for trying
Love, look up there
The stars are all aligned
And don´t you think it´s time
Oh Oh Oh
Closer to me, I want to feel
Your breathing permanently
Cause, darling
I´m not leaving here
Till I get what
I´ve been waiting for
Some twenty five or more
That´s all I need

Kisses in the moonlight
Sugar, that would make
This night complete
There have got to be
Oh, kisses in the moonlight
Sugar, fly away with me
Most of our days
We get so busy running,
Lost in the maze
We´ve got no time
For fun and dreams
But every now and then
A dream is real
And this is how it feels
For once in your life
Forget about tomorrow
Tonight is the night
Our worries seem
So far away
You hold me
In your arms so tenderly
I only wanna
Taste of your sweet, sweet
Oh, fly away with me
Don´t let
This night end
Right now in your arms
Is where I need to be
Please, oh, lady

Kisses in the moonlight

And you know,
And you know that I know
Oh yeah, ooh yeah, baby

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Composição: Jeffrey Cohen / Narada Michael Walden / Preston Glass · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
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