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Take me back to Cleveland
From the flats to Jacob's Field
Take me back to Cleveland
I forgot how good this city feels
They got the House of Blues on Euclid
And the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame

Take me back to Cleveland
I'm rockin' in Anytown, USA

You gotta take me back to Detroit
A Big Ten Michigan
I'm going to the Motor City
'Cause I'm a Ramblin' Gamblin' Man
My Detroit Wheels keep turnin'
Yeah, baby, I'm on my way

Take me back to Detroit
Rockin' in Hitsville, USA


Now every time I play this town
The people treat me so right
Every time I come to your city
I wanna rock all night
Now rock it!

We gotta go back to Chicago
Down to Halstead Street
I want to hang around the Checkerboard Lounge
And get me something good to eat
Wrigley's in the Windy City
Yeah, it blows my blues away
Back to Sweet Home Chicago
I'm rockin' in Anytown USA

Take me back to Pittsburgh
Boston you're my home
All the way to Tulsa
Down to San Antone
Take me back to Philly
Atlanta, Georgia, too
Way down in Miami
To my home in old St. Loo (Anytown, USA)
Take me back to L.A.
That's where you'll see me, baby,
I'm in your town
Run from me baby, rockin' your way
Here I come
Put the volume on maximum
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!
Gonna get crazy, baby!

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